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The holidays are upon us and we're all hot on the trail of the perfect presents to give our loved ones. We try to keep our gift-giving to a handful of special or useful presents and focus instead on activities or experiences we can do together as a family. Our daughter just started preschool this year and the weekends often get sucked up with cleaning and chores. Family experience holiday presents mean we have an excuse and a plan to get out of the house together as a family and we never regret them. 

These ideas are also really good for grandparents to consider. My parents live 3,000 miles from us — and we don't live in a country with Amazon Prime! So shipping costs can quickly eat into a holiday budget. We encourage them to choose one of these presents instead, and we make sure to send them photos when we get to enjoy the day together. 

Family experience gifts don't have to be super expensive to be fun. You could simply plan a day exploring your town or city or going for a hike. You can get creative about what to wrap up for your kids to open, and even wrap things that will serve as clues to the greater gift, making unwrapping the present an experience as well!