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Okay, we know, even if you're a hipster, no one really likes being labeled as such. And, the same goes for baby names. Call them hipster, and, well, they sound too cool to actually use on your child. But, here's the thing — the following list of names may be hip but they're also cute and just might make it to your final list.

And, what qualifies a name as hipster, you might ask? Anything out-of-the-box, trending in major cities, or undeniably cool-sounding. Really, hipster names fall all over the map, from popping up on the top 50 to not even making the top 1,000. It's not about how well-known they are, but rather how unusual they sound, even if they're gaining traction.

Ready to take a look? Be prepared to fall in love with names you may never have considered otherwise. And, wear the hipster badge with pride. After all, it simply means you're cool.