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Choosing a name for your baby is serious business. Not only do you have to find a name both you and your partner like, but you have to think about all kinds of other things, like who you know that already has the same name. For some families, picking a name others have isn't a big deal, but for many of us, a unique baby name is the goal.

Thankfully, there are a ton of beautiful baby names that aren't on the Social Security Administration's Top 500 list. While they're definitely more unusual than the names you hear every day, that's the idea. These are names you don't necessarily hear all the time, minus maybe the classics that still float around in the older generations of your family. And, there are plenty of classic choices here, as well as modern names that haven't taken off (yet?).

Ready to do some serious baby name hunting? We've compiled a list of hidden gems for you to check out. Each of the following names wasn't on the Social Security List's Top 500 as of 2017, (the most recent year available at the time of publication). And, while alternative spellings may rank higher on the list, we believe the spelling of a name makes it unique to itself.