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I have a theory about weddings that can also be applied to very small nurseries. You can plan a wedding in exactly the amount of time you have to plan a wedding. Likewise, you can plan a nursery in exactly the amount of space you have to fit one. You might have to get creative, but you can put the tiniest member of your family in a very small space for at least six months, possibly longer. 

When my daughter joined our family, we had known about her arrival for a total of six hours. Without a crib or car seat, or so much as a onesie, we welcomed her into our home and figured it out as we went along. With a small space and an even smaller budget, we eventually turned a little room into her nursery, and while we sacrificed a few pieces that wouldn't fit (like a full size crib for her first two years), we had a space that suited our family perfectly.

This stunning space by Crystal Palacek shows that you don't need excessive square footage to give your baby a room full of personality and storage options. Click through for even more tiny nursery inspiration!