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My oldest daughter is three this year, which might be the most magical age when it comes to Christmas. She finally understands that something is going on, and can remember things like Santa and Christmas lights from last year. And she's just about old enough to manage a little glue and popsicle sticks with a whole lot of supervision, which means we are entering the age of DIY Christmas ornaments to make with our whole family! 

Growing up, we never had enough room on the tree for all of the DIY ornaments. Many were made by my mom when we were very small, but then there was the ever-growing bunch of ornaments we made as kids. There's something magical about seeing your own creation decorating a tree, which is why it's worth the mess and glue and glitter to get some of your kids' DIY baubles up on the tree this year. 

If your kids are really into craft projects and DIY, you can have them make a whole bunch to add as decorations for presents for grandparents and friends. There's nothing that spruces up a plainly wrapped present like a homemade Christmas ornament.

Here's a selection of ornaments that will be an adorable addition to any tree — and that your whole family can help to create.