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Road Trip With A National Parks Pass
The beauty of the road trip is that there is no right way to do it. You can go as far as you want, make the stops that appeal to you, and do it all within your budget. A great place to start planning your trip is with an America The Beautiful National Parks Pass. This $80 pass grants you access to the thousands of national parks in the United States for an entire year. If you have a child in fourth grade, you can even get a pass for free.

Pull up a map of your state (or the whole country if you’re ambitious) and check out what parks are near you. Add in some extra stops at museums, parks, beaches, mountains and lakes to round out your trip. Look also for festivals, theater performances, and special events in the areas that you will be visiting. Before you head out, remember to check online for discount tickets for any attractions, as tickets at the gate often cost more.