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Inevitably, baby names come and go in popularity. And, while some have much longer staying power than others, no name remains at the top of the lists forever. Generally, once a name starts to decline after a period of popularity, it will continue to trend down for a number of years.

The following names on this list are ones we expect to decline in 2019 because they've either began their descent from the top or taken big dives in recent years. And, while on the surface this might sound like a bad thing for a name, it's really just part of the cycle and may actually mean a name you like is about to become less common.

After all, when it comes to naming a baby, popularity really should have little to do with it. Pick the names you like and don't worry so much about whether everyone else agrees with you. Ready for names we think will become less popular in the coming years? Let's take a look.


Editor's Note: The names on this list were pulled from the SSA Change In Popularity list for 2017. At the time of publication, 2018 data was unavailable.